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Development that Matters

Building Climate-Positive Real Estate Projects in Bend, OR

How we build is more important than ever.

The Northwest is facing a dramatic shortage of available workforce housing. The world is also facing a climate crisis. Operating buildings is a significant contributor to climate change, accounting for 60% of greenhouse gas emissions in Bend, OR.

We can no longer develop housing with outdated energy strategies.

Roost was formed to push the needle towards sustainable building practices. Roost is a development company that is committed to solving environmental and social problems utilizing market-based tools.

Our Mission Our Mission

The need for more housing continues to be a national issue that is acutely felt in Bend, Or.

Housing experts
suggest that it could take nearly a decade to erase the nation’s housing shortage, which has driven up home prices and rents; pricing out many lower- and middle-income families.

A Freddie Mac report released last year reported the nation was short approximately 3.8 million dwelling units in 2020,  a significant increase from 2.5 million in 2018. When a big supply problem exists, such as lack of housing,  with something necessary for survival, communities and individuals suffer.

We’re also feeling the effects of climate change – and buildings account for more than 60% of greenhouse gas emissions in Bend.  If we don’t build inventory in a way that is climate positive and resilient, we’re contributing to the climate problem.

This is why ROOST was formed and why we’re so passionate about building energy-efficient, multi-family projects.